WGSN INstock 1.0

Launched in late 2013, WGSN Instock gathers millions of eCommerce data points, daily - and aggregates them to give clients high level insights across the fashion retail market, enabling them to make better informed buying & design decisions.

Project Summary

My background prior to Digital Design, was in Fashion Buying - so I was bought into this project as both a Designer and 'UX partner' to work alongside the UX Manager to define user requirements and workflows. This project was Agile based, so we worked in strictly defined sprints with the newly assembled Development team to ensure that delivery was timely. This was WGSN's first 'big data' product release, so was a major milestone in WGSN's product suite.

This product was named a 'Silver Winner' in Best New Product of the Year (Enterprise) in Best in Biz Awards 2014, and went on to win 'Silver' in Fashionbiz's annual product awards and was also shortlisted for Best Tech Start-up 2015 by Drapers Records.

  • Design
  • Product Development
  • UI / UX
Product Mix View

WGSN INstock enables the user view the product count (by style) for any single date, by retailer and by category. This allows the user to view the range of product their competitors stock at any chosen date.

WGSN INstock - Product Mix
Price Architecture

View the % price point by retailer and category level.

WGSN INstock - Price Architecture
Product Count

This chart provides a total daily count by retailer. Data is gathered daily, allowing for periodic information to be gathered and presented.

WGSN INstock - Product Trend
Comp Shopper

All Merchandisers want to see what their competitors are stocking. WGSN INstock's Comp Shopper launched, aggregating 20 major web stores product catalogues daily, giving users a current view on main competitor web catalogues.

WGSN INstock - Comp Shopper
Comp Shopper - Product Detail

Selecting any image from the Comp Shopper list page provides a user with a detailed summary of product and price information for that style. By tracking the styles daily, over time - WGSN INstock can build up a history of pricing and stock availability information, to be displayed in a friendly graphical format.

WGSN INstock - Comp Shopper - Product Detail
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