WGSN INstock 2.0

WGSN updated it's Data Analytics platform in 2016, to it's 2nd iteration. Originally launched in late 2013, WGSN Instock gathers millions of eCommerce data points, daily - and aggregates them to give clients high level insights across the fashion retail market, enabling them to make better informed buying & design decisions.

Project Summary

I was involved in both launches of WGSN INstock. My background prior to Digital Design, was in Fashion Buying - so this gave me additional intimacy to the product and it's requirements. I was therefore involved from the product development stage, through to designing the data visualisation and UI for the product. The entire project was managed internally across a multitude of departments and launched on schedule.

  • Design
  • Product Development
  • UI / UX

One of WGSN Instock's new features is personalisation. In the Setup stage, users can select specific markets, retailers and categories they are interested in. This would then allow clients to analyse data specifically tailored to their requirements.

WGSN INstock - Setup

Another Setup screen showing the coverage of WGSN INstock's data. The Setup process can be edited at any time by clients updating their selection in Settings.

WGSN INstock - Setup

WGSN Instock's landing page, which is essentially a 'dashboard', giving users a quick glance of activity based on their defaulted KPI's

WGSN INstock - Overview
Product View

WGSN INstock enables the user to create and save reports based on a date, date range, and any KPI value using the left hand Filter panel. These reports can be accessed and re-run at any moment, together with being downloadable as a PDF or data based XLS.

WGSN INstock - Product
(Selected) Filters Panel expanded

Expanding the Filter tray enables users to quickly view and edit filter selections.

WGSN INstock - Filter Panel
Price Architecture

Select price bands and increments to view filtered price information by Retailer or Brand.

WGSN INstock - Price Architecture
Colour Analysis

View colour trends by Retailer, brand and category based on product count.

WGSN INstock - Colour Analysis
Prints & Graphics

Analyse the most popular type of print by Retailer, brand and category

WGSN INstock - Print & Graphics
Comp Shopper

All Merchandisers want to see what their competitors are stocking. WGSN INstock's Comp Shopper aggregates hundreds of web stores product catalogues daily, giving users a current view on competitor web catalogues.

WGSN INstock - Comp Shopper
Comp Shopper - Product Detail

Selecting any image from the Comp Shopper list page provides a user with a detailed summary of product and price information for that style. By tracking the styles daily, over time - WGSN INstock can build up a history of pricing and stock availability information, to be displayed in a friendly graphical format.

WGSN INstock - Product Detail
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